Racing on the M

Today all fleets managed to get two races in although the wind lasted only until noon and then never came back.
Giorgia Speciale the multi-time Techno293 medallist is here in Quiberon back on the T293Plus for the World Championships. Although she knows the equipment well the format is a novelty. Here is how she commented on racing on the M course -“Usually I don’t like slalom, because I’m not very fast, but today it was ok because the wind was not very strong, it was around 10 kts, and I was good in light wind conditions.” she said, adding - 
“In the first race in the second upwind I caught some seaweed on my fin and I was a little slow, but it is all ok. It was the first day of racing for the Youth Women and it will be a long championship.” 

Giorgia is second overall with Heloise Macquaert from France in first on the same number of points, third is Wing Mak from Hong Kong. 

In the Youth Men fleet Alexandros Kalpogiannakis from Greece is ahead of Eyal Zror from Israel and Mateo Dussarps from France. For the Youth Men tomorrow will be the last day of eliminations before they are split into silver and gold fleets.

The Open fleet is dominated by the Japanese with Takuya Murata leading in the Men and Mika Yamauchi in the Women.

Racing starts at 10:00 tomorrow, with the lycra leader ceremonies from 9:00. 

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