Thank you Quiberon

167 sailors from 31 countries participated in the Techno293Plus World Championships in Quiberon France – the first of the qualification events for the Youth Olympic Games.

Japanese territory

A title that sums up the Techno293Plus Open fleet. A fleet dominated by Japanese sailors, who turned up in numbers here in Quiberon.

The hard work paid off

It was not an easy day for the Race Committee and the sailors, but the trouble ahead could not have been foreseen.

Racing on the M

Today all fleets managed to get two races in although the wind lasted only until noon and then never came back.

We are off - first race of the series

Today, the wind was too weak on the peninsula so sailors started to race by 5pm.

Summary of Day 0 for the 2017 Worlds Techno Plus Bic 293.

Most of the day was dedicated to the sailors'registration. At 5pm, 169 competitors from 31 countries were registered.